Why Great Girls?

Great Expectations is passionate about young women, particularly those previously disadvantaged, being supported, uplifted, upskilled and guided along a path of purpose and fulfilment in their lives. We love the work that Great Girls is doing and this is why we have chosen them as one of our Charities of Choice.

Through volunteering of their time and expertise with young women in grade 11 and 12, the Great Girls team aims to ensure that South African girls leave high school equipped with the skills to either find meaningful full-time employment or to pursue further studies.

Through practical workshops and mentoring, Great Girls coaches its participants on elements that range from interview technique and CV writing to budgeting, eloquence, confidence-building and assertiveness, paving the way for a well-rounded individual capable of carving out their own successful career path, regardless of their background.

Great Girls nourishes ambition, assists girls who wish to study further, and helps participants search successfully for jobs and bursaries.

We would love it if you would partner with us to see more young women benefit from the amazing work that this NPO is doing. To read more about how Great Girls Works you can visit their website at www.greatgirls.co.za. As a non-profit organisation, all the people involved with Great Girls give of their time and expertise freely so you can rest assured that your donation is going 100% directly to providing for the Girls and their needs. By clicking on the Donate button you can contribute to this worthy cause.