Personalised Confidential Coaching for Women

Before, during and after maternity leave, women make crucial decisions regarding their personal and professional lives – choices that impact themselves, their families and business.

The programme comprises four one on one or small group coaching sessions…

Each maternity journey is unique.
We help each woman consider the practical and emotional challenges she faces, to influence a seamless transition back to work and to support her future career choices.

What Women Gain


supported, valued and empowered.


in confidence, optimism and focus.


challenges of anxiety, guilt and bias.


priorities, perceptions and boundaries.

Independent Consultation with Line Manager

Research confirms from the moment a woman says she is pregnant to the end of her role as a primary carer, it is the line manager who will retain or lose her.

In research carried out by Catherine Hakim (a renowned author on the subject of gender diversity) she shows that 20% of woman are home focussed, 20 of woman are work focussed and 60% of woman are both home & work focussed.


Only one in five women want to focus their life exclusively around the home and be stay-at-home moms, one in five want to be stay-at work moms, and the balance want to combine both.

The professional females we coach are rarely in the home-centred camp. Having invested in their careers to date they hate the idea of giving up and yet still too many do.

Much of it is to do with culture, but we have no doubt that the line manager has significant influence on the 60%. The consultation before and after the employee’s Maternity Leave, is an opportunity to have a clear and transparent conversation about the challenges relating to maternity leave planning, the impact on the team and the woman’s return to work.


For women this transition is a particularly vulnerable time. Pregnancy often happens at a high point in her career, and it can feel to some like a ‘derailment’ that creates loss of career momentum, while others express that they feel professionally marginalised and no longer valued. Guilt is a common theme. Without adequate support, they often make the decision to exit the workplace completely – not realising how final these decisions can sometimes be.

Here are some comments from women we have coached…

“The best part was sitting down and forcing myself to face my fears, and think about and verbalise my plans. And to have someone independent of my work and home life to discuss it with.”

“I had no idea how much my life (and I) was going to change!  MTC recognised those imminent changes, before I was aware of them, and in this way, guided me through the transition.”

“It is difficult to balance being a dedicated Mom and an excellent attorney  but MTC helped me talk through the challenges and realise that the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.”

“It provided a sanity check when I needed it. It kept me clear about why I love working and helped me build confidence to be a great employee and a great Mom.”