A few interesting snippets on Sleep, with some gift ideas for Christmas! 

You may be wondering how Sleep and Christmas gift ideas fit together, read on…

I am a third of the way through Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, and loving it. (Note: Gift idea #1)

One of her topics, which she cheekily calls “Sleep your way to the top”, promotes the value of sleep as a health habit (which I think we all get), but also as a source of creativity, confidence, cognitive function and consideration for self and others – all good leadership qualities. Amongst others, she quotes a Dr Breus, the author of Beauty Sleep, who apparently swears that sleeping will actually do more for weight loss than exercise. So that is another benefit right there, ladies!

I realise I am on shaky ground talking about Sleep when many of the readers may be new parents, and where sleep has taken on a whole new meaning. For you, this is a season of tracking and counting every minute of sleep you get and having just 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep is worth celebrating. The good news is that seasons change and this intense period of sleep deprivation won’t last forever.

Whether your sleep bundle is three hours or eight, getting a good night’s sleep can be easier said than done. Here are some practical steps that could be useful to help you get a restful night (and more gift ideas to support them)…

  • Have an unwind routine to switch off your brain. This includes cutting the umbilical cord from all cyber connectivity (laptops, TV, mobiles etc) for at least two hours before bed time. I find this takes huge discipline as curiosity to just quickly check for messages often gets the better of me.
  • Keep a note book and pen handy to jot down the top few to dos for the next day. Unless you are one of those people who can just hit the pillow and go into dreamland, have you noticed that as soon you are about to doze off, your brain goes into ‘search and detect mode’? Mine tends to find my biggest most obscure issue and then settle there. So annoying! Somehow, getting the problems or actions down on paper, takes them out of your head, so that you can let go of it.
  • Get a new pillow, or better still get yourself a satin pillow slip. You have no idea how luxurious it feels to put your head on a satin pillow. Did you know that outside of the lovely feel of it, satin is anti-ageing, anti sleep-crease, hypo-allergenic and prevents hair loss and breakage?

I have a small travel pillow with a satin cover which I take on trips, because it fits easily into a suitcase. It is helpful when sleeping on foreign pillows in guesthouses or hotels, to have familiarity of your own pillow and some extra neck support.

  • An eye visor is also helpful. Somehow blocking out all light, and having some weight on your eyelids, can help to get you off to sleep faster and stay asleep longer. A satin one is a bonus!
  • Having some exercise during the day also improves your chances of a restful night

If you would like to get the Satin items mentioned here for yourself or as gifts, please contact Helen Veitch. She is a lovely lady in Cape Town who has created a little business to support her retirement. Please note that I don’t earn any commissions for promoting her products! Feel free to contact Helen direct via the email address you can see on her packaging in the photograph or by clicking on the link above and she will be able to send you your order wherever you are.

In closing, for Arianna, getting more and better sleep has influenced the regularity and quality of her dreaming. For me, the best thing is to cancel the alarm and simply to wake up when I am finished sleeping!

by Melany Green

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